Life on Earth depends on what we do next.

SkyWaterEarth helps us address climate destabilization by creating awareness of our relationship to the earth, promotion of clean renewable energy, and improving environmental messaging. We believe everything is connected: our environment, people, and the systems of economics and justice on which we rely. Together we must change our relationship with each other and the earth.


Our Mission

To Save and Savor the Earth Through Our Connections to Nature and Each Other

Our Purpose

Create Collective Action to Protect Our Earth Through Improved Messaging

Our Pledge

“As I walk the earth, I promise to preserve, defend and conserve our sky, water, earth, and all living things that dwell here, because we are all connected.”

Who Is SkyWaterEarth?

L. Hobart Stocking (Hobie) is an environmentalist, writer and entrepreneur. He runs Prairie Sky Group, a business strategy, sales and marketing consultancy. His most recent accomplishment has been to co-found a healthcare startup that provides mobile healthcare to those that have don’t have access.

While building businesses, his passion has always been nature and the out-of-doors. He has now changed his focus to spend full time working to address climate change by creating awareness of our relationship to nature and the earth. He promotes clean energy solutions and conservation that can change our impact on the earth. You can read about the motivation for this change on the SkyWaterEarth blog.

Hobie is a member and contributor to several organizations including:

Hobie is a frequent speaker on environmental and energy policy. To set up a short talk for your organization, please contact him here.

Hobie believes that we can not save the world without savoring the world. When he is not actively lobbying, writing, and organizing, his passions have allowed him to:
  • Sail the Atlantic
  • Kayak the Augsburg Olympic whitewater course
  • Teach an Inuit village to play Frisbee
  • Climb Mount Kenya
  • Hike across the Grand Canyon

His next adventure is a two-month walkabout in the Southwest United States.


In order to save the world, we must also savor the world.*


Shaking hands with him is like shaking hands with a tree. Sixty years of hauling nets make his thumbs as big as my wrists. The building smells of fish. Forty years of fish. Fish from another era, one where men actually worked for a living. Did physical labor like [...]

Environmental Messaging – Carl Sagan (Dust Mote) – Per Espen Stoknes (The Living Air)

Climate and the environment shouldn’t be political issues, but they are. Conservatives are more skeptical, and the current administration, as well as local politicians, are doing immense damage to renewable energy and the climate. As a result, many people are trying to figure out how to move the needle [...]

Walking in Snow

Is it possible for the forest to speak to the clouds and sky when it is thirsty? This is what I’m thinking, walking up the mountain in the morning. It’s winter. Cold. Gray. Diluted with old snow. Another season in time. I am pulled by habit and looking for [...]

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*Paraphrased from E.B.White

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