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We make sure the world knows it.

You are solving environmental, climate, sustainability, and energy problems. You are replacing helplessness with hope. Ironically, that’s not enough. You have to compete for donors, volunteers and customers. SkyWaterEarth is a unique consultancy that supercharges your organization’s strategies and communications with expert guidance and proven processes. There’s never been a better time to join forces. (Just read today’s headlines.) Together, we’ll affect mind- and earth-changing outcomes.

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Better strategy + attraction = better results.

All CEO’s and directors have the responsibility of improving their company’s profit margin. If you work for a non-profit, you have the double-duty of raising funds and promoting your mission. SkyWaterEarth will help you deliver the right message to the right people at the right time, starting with your colleagues and volunteers, and then to the world at large. Learn how to attract the right followers as if the world depended on it. Because it does.

Learn how to evaluate your organization’s potential for growth with our free downloadable assessment


We are all connected.

Lead strategist, Hobart Stocking is an environmentalist, writer and entrepreneur who believes we
cannot save the world without savoring the world. When he’s not helping organizations grow and
achieve their missions, he’s sailing the Atlantic, climbing Mount Kenya or hiking across the Grand
Canyon. Hobie has 24 years of marketing experience and is happy to regale you with case studies
should you wish to join him on his upcoming walkabout in the deserts of the Southwest or by clicking here.


Connectivity at a higher level.

You are not alone in changing the world. There are others that share your values and can help spread
your message. SkyWaterEarth believes changing the world is a collective challenge and relies on our
interdependence. That’s why we’re developing the SkyWaterEarth Network. A group of organizations
with similar missions that can leverage each other’s experience and reach when they need to get the
word out. More details coming soon. Do you want to be notified when the network is up? Click here.

Learn how to evaluate your organization’s potential for growth with our free downloadable assessment

Environmental and energy problems come in all sizes.
Fortunately, so do solutions.

SkyWaterEarth services are available in a format that meets your needs and budget.
Custom Consultancy is our most comprehensive offering. A typical duration is 30-45 days.
Workshops are a 1/2-day deep dive on how to bring power to your brand and messaging platform.
Speeches are typically one hour and packed with entertaining advice you, your team and your members
can use now to help drive your mission. Find a list of recent topics here.

Learn how to evaluate your organization’s potential for growth with our free downloadable assessment


In order to save the world, we must also savor the world.*

What Environmentalists and EV Enthusiasts Miss About Electric Pickup Trucks

Ford just invested $500M in Rivian, a startup making electric pickup trucks and SUVs. Rivian expects to sell 20,000 trucks in 2021. EV enthusiasts should be encouraged, right? But something is missing from this good news. The thing that is missing is sound. The US automotive industry spends $5B [...]

Burning Cathedrals

I am saddened by the destruction of Notre Dame. Not because I am a religious person. I’ve had the opportunity to visit holy places around the world: The Wailing Wall, and Temple on the Mount, the Kiyoto Shrines, or the Great Kiva at Chaco Canyon. But I am struck. [...]

Can Big Oil and Utilities Help in the Transition from Carbon?

For a while there has been popular speculation that utilities were in a death spiral. They have been hit with pollution regulation, clean energy mandates, higher fuel costs and disruption from clean low cost distributed renewable energy. Their primary purpose has been to “keep-the-lights-on,” and the world is changing [...]

Ancient Fractal Beauty

Walking through the forest, I am at peace. A soft carpet of red pine needles mutes my footfall, while my eyes follow the trail ahead. It turns and twists organically following the Cascade River valley a hundred feet below. I grew up as a feral child. Like Tarzan, I [...]

A Good Day – Trees

It’s been a while. Maybe two million years. For me personally, about sixty years. What, you ask? Since I’ve sat in a tree. Which is where I am right now. As a species we used to sit in trees. Mostly for safety and to escape nighttime predators; the lions [...]

A Good Day – Buffalo

The buffalo move like cloud shadows on the prairies around us. Heads down, they graze slowly. We are enveloped by a herd. The boys, Ian (10) and Teo (8), are transfixed with wonder. The Hayden Valley of Yellowstone is bright and clear. White clouds punctuate a too blue sky. [...]

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Learn how to evaluate your organization’s potential for growth with our free downloadable assessment

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